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Mobility Programs to Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences (Frankfurt UAS)

Call for Application:

  1. Student Exchange (up to 6 months, for students doing B.A./B.SSc.)
  2. Research Fellowship (up to 10 months, for students doing M.A./M.SSc./MPhil. or PhD @IKMAS)

Application deadline: March 13th, 2020 (Friday)


This project has received funds from the European Union’s Erasmus+ – program. Erasmus+ provides students and staff opportunities to study, train, and gain experience in Europe.

The project has three priority areas:

  1. Support new area studies at the Centre for Occidental Studies (IKMAS/UKM)
  2. Cooperate in methodology training and applied social research
  3. Carry out joint projects in the area of regional aviation integration programs between IKMAS and Frankfurt UAS

The Exchange program provides for short-term-mobility, study semesters, or research fellow­ships. The program is open to students (from undergraduate to postgraduate level) in UKM as well as staff and fellows associated with the Centre for Occidental Studies, IKMAS. This program wants to attract students:

  • who already have some socio-political or economic experience (practical or study), and
  • who want to embark on regional and comparative studies of governance, markets and society in Germany.

Frankfurt UAS (>>) is a university of applied sciences. All study programs include real-world exposure, and lecturers have years of practical experience. Frankfurt UAS also offers an International Summer University on European Studies at a reduced price for students from partner universities (>>).

Spending a semester (or more), studying the language and the socio-economic environment and political ‘culture’ outside Malaysia in another continent will provide students with insights that cannot be gained otherwise, and provides them with an advantage invaluable in a connected world.



1.     Mobility-Grants

Students from UKM can spend one semester at the Frankfurt UAS, and attend either of the 3 following course-packages (for detailed information see >>):

  1. Transnational Social Work at the Faculty of Health and Social Work, which gives an understanding of intercultural management and transnational working environ­ments as well as an insight into working with culturally distinct communities and social services in Germany. The modules include a German language class.
  2. International Business Administration at the Faculty of Business and Law, which covers Marketing, Logistics and Production, Financial and Management Accounting, Statistics, Macro-economics or
  3. International Finance at the Faculty of Business and Law, which includes modules such as Investment Analysis, German and European Banking, Monetary Economics and ECB Watch, Multinational Finance, International Taxation, etc.

Duration: up to 6 months (starting September 2020, March 2021 or September 2021), beginning with a one-month intensive course in the German language

Field of Study of applicants: Social Sciences or Economics and Management

Admission requirements: Undergraduates (min 2nd year) or post-graduates

2.     Research fellowship

Students from the research-based study programs in social sciences at IKMAS/iKON, preferably under the theme of social inclusion or social policies, can apply for a research fellowship.

Duration: up to 10 months (preferably to start either from October 2020 or October 2021).

Workplace: Competence Center for Social Intervention Research (>>).

Admission requirements: Postgraduate candidates from IKMAS study programs


Grant and travel allowances:

The grant is 850€ per month, which will cover the costs of accommodation (approx.. 350€/month) and health insurance (35€/month for private insurance, 100€/month for public insurance) among others. It will be paid on a monthly basis via bank transfer.

The travel allowance (up to 1500€) will cover

  • flights,
  • administrative fees (including public transport) (320€/ semester, to be paid at the start of the semester)



Application form

  • full name, identity card or Citizen Card number and date, or civil identification number, birthdate,
  • mailing address and other contact details, including e-mail and telephone number.
  • consent regarding communication and notifications via e-mail in the context of the competition procedure, indicating their respective address.

Required Documents:

  • Enrolment & Transcript(s) of results or certificate of qualifications
    and other supporting documents relevant to the final assessment.
  • Test results for English (min. B-Level), and – preferably also – for German (enrolment)
  • Letter of motivation (max 4,000 characters) or research proposal (max 10 pages).
  • Detailed curriculum vitae (pdf-file).



Applications will be considered based on the following documents:

  1. Proof of ongoing enrolment at UKM as a student
  2. A written application (i.e. motivation letter or research proposal incl. workplan)
  3. Submission of past transcript(s) of results / list of grades
  4. English language proficiency test [B-level], and proof of enrolment in a basic German language course at the Centre for Language and Linguistic Studies, UKM
  5. Detailed CV.

Qualified candidates will be shortlisted for a formal interview at a date to be informed.

Preferential factors: Interest to pursue a research degree at IKMAS/iKON

Selection criteria: grades and language skills (50%); motivation / research project (50%)

Candidates will be interviewed and selected by a joint selection committee from IKMAS /iKON and Frankfurt UAS.

Members of the selection committee are:


  • Noraini Md Yusof
  • Helen Ting
  • Rashila Ramli

Frankfurt UAS:



The list of successful applicants will be posted on IKMAS’s website. All applicants will be notified of the decision by e-mail by May 15, 2020 (to begin in October, 2020); November 15, 2020 (to begin in April, 2020).


Application manual >>

Registration website:­/application-for-exchange-students/



Further studies @ IKMAS/ Centre for Occidental Studies

Today’s world is a very connected place – politically, economically and even socially. States are faced with similar problems: financial crises, growing inequalities, ageing societies etc. Solutions to these problems cannot simply be pasted and copied, but coping strategies can be studied and features can be locally integrated – or rejected. In order to help solving problems in your own communities and societies, it is important to understand similarities and differences to other localities.

This program is part of an endeavour at IKMAs/iKON to engage students in the field of (new) area studies with both a thematic and a regional focus.

  • Fellows at IKMAS have studied abroad (Europe, Americas); speak a number of foreign languages (English, French, Portuguese etc), provide international work experience, and publish widely in the field of new area studies.
  • IKMAS/iKON has partner institutions around world’, and receives regularly guest-lecturers.
  • IKMAS offers several courses on Occidentalism and Globalisation, and engages in international conferences and transnational seminars.